SOLD ! SONY WM-701S Silver plated Special Edition Walkman – SOLD!



DESCRIPTION: Towards the end of 1988, SONY released a player that made history for being one of the most advanced players at the time, thanks to the combination of a very small size, advanced electronics and feather touch buttons, high quality sound thanks to the EX Amorphous head, the brand new Megabass system, the Dolby C noise reduction system and other cool features. But in my opinion it was its design what set new marks in the walkman era and was a prelude of the design that many brands used later in the 90’s, with more rounded lines (and even today are). I think that the 701C was the first model of a new generation of devices with a design of a new era.
It was the combination of all that features that made the 701C a milestone in the history of walkmans..

This one is much more rare and desirable, it’s a limited edition, silver plated that is very very rare to find.

It has the following features:

–       Limited Edition (to 2000 pcs worldwide)
–       Silver plated body
–       Amorphous head.
–       Dolby B & C Noise reduction
–       Wired remote for main functions (not included)
–       Auto tape selector
–       Super-slim and compact body.
–       Gumstick battery capable
–       External batt compartment for 1x AA batt.
–       Compact charger
–       Full metal body
–       Made in Japan

This is indeed a true milestone and a real jewel for passionate collectors. It’s very hard to find.
Please take a read in my full review of the WM-701C (the standard version of this player) here:




Everything works smoothly. The sound is really awesome. Both without MegaBass or with it, the sound is clean and powerful. The Dolby works wonderfully, even with DolbyC!
Notice that if you want to enjoy it fully it’s highly recommended to have a very good deck to make high quality recordings.

Cosmetically the unit is in excellent condition. For details, see the photos.



What you see in the pictures.



439€ / 599$

Bank transfer, PayPal. You can also pay it here if you come to get it.



Cost depends on the country (check price in table below). You can also hand-pick for buyers near Barcelona.



Up to 1Kg
Up to 2Kg

24$ / 18€

35$ / 26€


35$ / 26€

54$ / 41€

More than 2 Kg
Base price
Every Kg

33$ / 25€

4$ / 3€


30$ / 23€

4.2$ / 3,2€


21$ / 16€

6.5$ / 4,9€


13$ / 17€

6.5$ / 4,9€


20$€ / 15€

6.5$ / 4,9€


Zone 1: Europe, including Greenland.
Zone 2: All other countries.
Zone A – Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
Zone B – Rest of Europe not included in Zone A. Azores, Madeira, Monaco, Isle of Man and Morocco.
Zone C – Africa except Morocco (countries that support this service.)
Zone D – Asia and Pacific (countries that support this service.)
Zone E – America (countries that support this service.)


NOTE: 4$/3€ will be added to the shipping cost, for packing costs.


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  1. Herbert Hierweck says:

    Ist der Sony 701S noch zu verkaufen? Can i buy the 701S ?

    mfg Herbert

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