The series: The most vibrant red walkmans

I’m back again to show what are IMHO the most beautiful players in red, mostly made with metal. For me those are some of the most vibrant and exciting players. As you may know, red is the most vibrant color, that is often associated to guilt, sin, passion, and anger, as stated in the Wikipedia. As passion for walkmans in my main fuel for writing this, I thought it would be nice to see some of the most vibrant red players together. They are the following: – AIWA P02, P07, P08 & G08 – AIWA G09, J09 – SONY WM-2 – SONY WM-DD, DD30 – SONY WM-30 (that I reviewed here), WM-109 So, here comes the AIWA family:

AIWA Walkman Red Series 04

And here, all AIWA and SONY models:

Walkman Red Series 01

Walkman Red Series 05

Walkman Red Series 07

For me, the most vibrant red here are the AIWA G09, followed by the P08 & G08. The red G09 is incredibly powerful, and difficult to capture in a photograph even for me, that I’m specialized in precise color reproduction if photography. I was very surprised that this is probably one of the most intense red I ever seen in a material object (not in a screen). I can only think in a tulip being backlit by the sun as a close red. Really impressive.

Los Barruecos 17

The AIWA HS-P02 was the first AIWA with auto-reverse. It’s from the very early days and curiously featured a noise reduction system, but not Dolby, but AIWA’s own technology. This walkman can be seen in Iron Eagle movie.

AIWA Walkman HS-PC2 Series 01AIWA HS-P02, the first auto-reverse player from this brand.

  The HS-P7 was the very same model that Marty McFly’s wear in the super-famous BTTF movie, but this is the (european) red version:

AIWA Walkman HS-P7 Red 04Ever seen Marty McFly’s player in vibrant red? Here it is.

The HS-P8 (see in-depth review) is the sucessor of the P7, which boosted a lot of ground-breaking features, like feather-touch buttons and a remote control: AIWA Walkman HS-P8 Red 04

And its big brother was the legendary G08, which is identical to the P08 with the addition of a 5-band GEQ. I reviewed it here.

AIWA Walkman HS-G08 Red 01One of my favorite model of all times, the legendary AIWA HS-G08.

A bit later AIWA released the J600 (J09 in asian markets), that was slightly lower spec’d than the G08 to broaden to more people by lowering the price.

AIWA Walkman HS-J9 Red 01

And finally, the G09, one of the most sleek players here. It’s like the the J09 but in a smaller form factor and without recording capabilities:

AIWA Walkman HS-G09 Red 01

Let’s take a look to the SONY’s ones. Firstly we have the WM-II, which was the first big improvement over the TPS-L2. This one started it all (see in-depth review here), and the WM-II was smaller and lighter.

SONY Walkman WM-II Red 01 (2)You know where all DD model’s base design comes from? Yes, the WM-II.

Not much later came the very first DD (Disc Drive transport) model, that pushed the quality limits of the walkmans -usually not so high- to another level:

SONY Walkman WM-DD Red 05The world’s first DD walkman.

A few years later came the DD-30, one of my favorites (see in-depth review here). This model also features Quartz locked system and MegaBass for the first time in a DD.

SONY WM-DD30 Red 04Another of my all-times favorites, the WM-DD30.

And in another league SONY started to make super-small models that all started with the WM-10 & WM-20 that were quickly replaced by the WM-30 (see in-depth review here)

SONY Walkman WM-30 Red 01-p2The super-small WM-30 in vibrant red: an super-rare model.

A few years later SONY added auto-reverse to this tiny model and released the WM-101:

SONY Walkman WM-101 01

Any other model that you consider to be undoubtely here?

Leave your comments! Hope you enjoy!

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