The Series (III): Blue walkmans

Continuing with the walkman color series (I already published white, red and golden), now I think is time for blue 😉

So I digged in my collection and found up to 14 different walkmans of this one, my favorite color. Here they are:

Walkman blue series 01

I placed them starting with AIWA, then SONY, Kenwood, Panasonic and SANYO. I tried to sort them chronologically.

So first is the AIWA HS-F7, the flagship model in 1984. It’s very similar to the BTTF one, except that this one does record and the other (the famous HS-P07 or P02 MkII in USA) doesn’t. This blue unit is extremely rare:


Then it comes the P08, which is the same as the G08 but without EQ. This light blue unit is really very rare. I have published an in-deep review of it here:

AIWA HS-P08 Blue

Then, the first SONY: the TPS-L2, the first walkman to have the ‘walkman’ logo. Lately (in 2014) this model has become very popular thanks to the ‘Guardians of the galaxy movie‘:


I have published an in-depth review of it here.

Then comes the ultra-rare blue DD, which was the first DD walkman. This systems refers to the Disc Drive system, that dramatically improves W&F:


And my loved WM-B39, which is not a legendary model at all, but it was one of my first walkmans, back in ’89. Not a high quality model, but it still holds a space in my heart. And it brings me a lot of memories. Well, this blue one is not exactly the one I have had (it was black), but it’s the same model:

SONY WM-B39 Blue

Then comes the superb WM-DD33 in blue color, very rare to find. It was the latest of the good DDs, sucessor of the WM-DD30 that I reviewed here:


And the WM-509, one of the smallest and stylish walkmans:

SONY WM-509 Blue

After this it comes the rare WM-550C in blue color. This model features an amorphous head and dolby C:

SONY WM-550C Blue
Then, one of the rarest of all, the WE01, with wireless earphones and wireless remote. This model is really cool. To have the player in the pocket and listening to the wireless earphones is cool, and I bet in the 90’s could be very very cool:


This small recorder, the WM-RX707 is really nicely designed. And in blue color is very rare:

SONY WM-RX707 Blue

The last SONY is the WM-EX9, with a special paint than can change its color depending on the direction you look at it. Really cool! I have had one for sale:

SONY WM-EX9 'Chameleon'

And now we leave SONY and go to Kenwood’s rare and curious CP-Q5. I find the design a bit weird and not so useful, but it’s a cool blue player:

Kenwood CP-Q5

Panasonic had this nice RQ-S95, that features a wireless remote:

Panasonic RQ-S95

And the last one is the ultra-mega-rare Sanyo ES-P7 in even rarer blue color:


And, finally, here you can see together all them again:

Walkman blue series 03

hope you enjoy.


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