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Back in the 80s I bought my first prerecorded cassettes (which in my country were called ‘musicassette‘), mainly from hard rock bands like AC/DC and a few others. I always thought that musicassettes sound well, sometimes a bit better that my own recordings with my own boombox, but not much better. My knowledge about sound […]

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In this video my friend Mat, aka Techmoan, shows many things about cassettes. I absolutely love this video, and I think it’s one of the best out there. Not only it explains many things very cleverly, it is also a pleasure to watch to. It’s probably my favorite one of his videos. Remember that if […]

10 months, 3 weeks ago 0
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I recently bought this cassette, and I was shocked by its sound quality. These guys really knew what they were doing! This is, by far, the best sounding release I’ve heard of this famous soundtrack. I didn’t know about MSFL ever but it’s now on my target definitely. I showed it to a friend and […]

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I’ve added recently a very special unit to my collection: the Infinity Intimate. This walkman is special because of two reasons: the main one is because it was the world’s first walkman that featured Dolby system. The second one is because it was the only one walkman that this very respected high-end speaker brand made […]

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