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Yes, dear friends, in 9th of march I’ll be CJ’ing (cassette jockeying) at L’Entresol pub at Barcelona.The pub is not big but it is cool. I’ll be playing good music mainly from the 80s, but also from the 70s and the 90s: pop-rock, disco, rock, hard rock and a few other styles at night, from 22h to […]

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This past weekend has been definitely a date to put a mark in the calendar. I don’t remember to have such a great time recently… I was CJ’ing myself for the first time in my life! Yes, I’m CJ Walkman Archive (CJ for Cassette Jockey) since then The party had place in the new bar […]

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Last year my good friend Lorenzo, aka ‘TJ Autoreverse’ ran what was probably the very first cassette party in our country, and maybe the world’s first party driven with… walkmans! If you wasn’t aware of that, you may read my post about it. Now we are in 2017 and we’re preparing a new one, this […]

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I’m excited to share you a story of passion and bravery. Passion for cassettes, walkmans and music. Bravery for wanting to do something that he never did before: being a DJ but with cassettes and walkmans. That’s what my friend Lorenzo , which is now called ‘TJ Autoreverse’, (TJ as Tape Jockey) did. Considering that […]

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