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Yes friends, I’ll be CJ’ing in the next months again here at Barcelona. If you are going to stay somewhere near, plese put a mark in your calendar June 23th. I’ll be CJ’ing with cassettes and walkmans at El col·leccionista, Barcelona. View in Maps. June 30th, at sala Apolo, Barcelona, into the Cassette Culture Market. View […]

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Past saturday I went to Cara B Barcelona (view in Maps) to relive the cassette sound. I’ve put my cup and became CJ Walkman Archive for one night, and played with cassettes and walkmans! The pub was bigger than the previous one I’ve went to and the sound was also much better. Because of monday being holidays, there came […]

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Once more, Barcelona is doing something different and innovative, and this time it will be a prerecorded cassette market. It will be in the famous Sala Apolo, just one evening. There will be many small cassette labels that will sell and share their new releases. There also will be new and small artists that are […]

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Techmoan has just published a new in-depth review of the Aurex TY-AK1, and it’s quite interesting because it sheds llight over the big question: Will this new cassette decks improve anything over the old decks? Well, better watch it and you’ll see:     I saw this video since a week because I have collaborated […]

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One of the most recognizable issues of the cassette is the background hiss. Almost any person in this world (30 years-old and above, though) whom you ask about cassettes will complain about this particular thing: the hiss. Magnetic tape has many good things, but it also has drawbacks, and one of them is the hiss. […]

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I was contacted a few months ago by Mitchell Preston, responsible for content publishing at this museum. They were preparing an article about Paul Barclay, a BBC journalist that used to use cassettes to record interviews back in the days. He had a SONY WM-D6C but no photos of it. And, guess what? Yes, they […]

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Cassette revival is becoming stronger each month. Even for hard rock bands. Metallica announced they will release a new luxe set with cassette and AC/DC released a cassette just for the Record Store Day past april 21. I was one of the buyers of this limited edition release. Only 2500 were released in the world together with a […]

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After doing a hard work to design some T-shirts I finally found the right moment (taking profit of a discount at Spreadshirt) to buy some for myself. The quality is high. The cotton doesn’t look as a cheap one at all. The attention to detail is very good, hence the price according to the quality. […]

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Yes friends, seems that the big audio brands are moving on with the cassette revolution. Toshiba released a small boombox recently, SONY already has one and Panasonic has released a new one: the RX-D55A. Looks like a basic boombox but, hey, it has a cassette player. The frequency range is 50-12.000 Hz which is much […]

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