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There’s an audiophile magazine that you may not know, called TONE 2.0. In their previous issue (no. 89) they published an article about walkmans, yes! What’s best is that it’s downloadable for free!  

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My good friend TJ Autoreverse has been interviewed by! I didn’t knew this magazine but it seem that’s very popular out there. The video is so cool! CHECK OUT HIS INTERVIEW AT OZY I’m proud to be the guy that initiated him into walkmans and cassettes. Seeing how far is he going I can only say: […]

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I wanted to start testing some cassettes beside my reviews of walkmans and decks. There’s been some activity in the magnetic tape world and it seems we will see some good news very soon, coming from NAC and RTM. So, why not testing what the NAC is actually selling? I’ve contacted them and they sent […]

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For the tests and reviews I do here, I like to perform both objective and subjective tests. First ones consist in measurements in various ways. For the 2nd one I just listen to music. The question is… what songs are better? No one song is the best audio test. Some have good bass, some good […]

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Yes, this friday 27th I’ll be CJ’ing again at Cara B pub in Barcelona with cassettes and walkmans. Yes, you read well: with cassettes and walkmans! If you like analog music as well as 70s and 80s pop, rock and pop/rock music, then you just got a plan for this friday! See you there!

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The AIWA portable speakers in action, feeded with my Super-DD9 by Dr Walkman. Yes, through my phone’s built-in mic the quality cannot be fully enjoyed, but I assure you that they sound great. Powerful, clean, full and rich.

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I’ve recently found a nice, unknown gem: Ana[dia]log Youtube channel. That’s a channel about dialog of analog music reproduction, which is how the author calls it. It covers many different aspects about analog audio, like vinyl, turntables, cassettes, R2R and even walkmans recently. And that’s exactly the video I wanted to show you:   I […]

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This saturday I’ve been at Cassette Culture, the very first market for small releases in cassette. See my first post about that. I’ve been CJ’ing for an hour and a half and it was a lot of fun, though it was more like ambient music rather than loud music for dancing. These small labels were selling mostly […]

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Here are my best acquisitions that recently came home. These are some but not all, just the most remarkable: First of all, very old tapes: these Realistic are, as far as I know, the brand of Radio Shack, a well known stores in USA: This is probably the oldest tape in my entire collection. According […]

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You maybe don’t know about Recording the Masters, a company in France that is making new magnetic tape. I recently published a quick note about De Bandjesfabriek that is preparing to sell this new tape in the Nederlands. Well, recently there was the Munich High end Show where they were showing his new tape (just […]

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