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Guys at have published an interesting article about the story of the Walkman. They have contacted me to ask for some photos and I was happy to collaborate. A very worth read indeed! Hope you enjoy it.

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Back in december ’14 I was contacted by a guy who said he works on the catalog of the ‘Crutchfield Corporation‘. I’ve had no idea what was that, I confess. In my country, Spain, we never have seen such catalog. For all of you that also don’t know it, it’s a catalog of audio equipment from an on-line store. […]

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  I’ve recently added to my collection a very interesting set of quite old SONY tapes. According to the vintage cassette website, they are from 1978-1981 years. I still remember when I first got attracted by music and cassettes, back in those years when I was about 8 years old, my father had those red […]

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When the TPS-L2 (see my review here) was released on 1979-07-01, SONY still had not invented the ‘Walkman’ brand. In the first months they preferred to sell it under three different names: Freestyle in Sweden, Stowaway in the UK, and Soundabout in the US. But they quickly realized that that was not a good idea. They […]

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It’s so curious how they have changed Seen here:

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I received at home my old beloved boombox that I’ve had when I was a teen: the AIWA CSD-SR6. I bought this boombox back in 1991, just before I started studying in the university. I’ve had a nice Hitachi 3DS75 and I really was searching for a big -but still portable- improvement. And I found this […]

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I’ve received recently a tape that surprised me too much. Apparently, there’s nothing strange outside: but when I opened the case I found such a rare print inside the j-card: Make no mistakes, this is not a sticker or a crop from a magazine that the previous owner has put inside. It is PRINTED directly in the paper […]

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I want to share with you something that I found interesting. User ‘Vince666‘ from Tapeheads has built an interesting CD for performing deck calibration. If you have a good 3-head deck and you like to do good recordings, you probably know that adjusting bias for a particular type of tape is a must. Some advanced and […]

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It is very common to hear bad critizism to the MP3 format in audiophile circles, specially in analog audio circles. I have a quite big collection of mp3 music and I think a have quite good knowledge about the format and how to build good mp3 files. I’ve heard bad, very bad, good and excellent […]

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I have just published a complete guide showing how to properly record music on to a cassette from digital sources (like MP3, Spotify…) with good quality. All presented step-by-step, aimed for newbies that want to learn the entire process starting from zero knowledge.   The complete guide to make good recordings (on cassette) I hope […]

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