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Techmoan has just published a new in-depth review of the Aurex TY-AK1, and it’s quite interesting because it sheds llight over the big question: Will this new cassette decks improve anything over the old decks? Well, better watch it and you’ll see:     I saw this video since a week because I have collaborated […]

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Yes friends, seems that the big audio brands are moving on with the cassette revolution. Toshiba released a small boombox recently, SONY already has one and Panasonic has released a new one: the RX-D55A. Looks like a basic boombox but, hey, it has a cassette player. The frequency range is 50-12.000 Hz which is much […]

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Some people suggested in our forums recently that there are a lot of questions that newbies are asking about cassettes. Something that we, guys who lived for years with them, already know very well but that can be frustrating for young people interested in this matters. For that reason I decided to create a:   Cassette, […]

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I love to do recordings, and I always do them in one of my decks (see my collection in this video). Using a good deck and proper guidelines (as explained in my guide to make good recordings) does end up in a very good quality. Much more than many people think a cassette can hold. […]

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I have recently found a thrift store just by luck and, god, that was a find! I have never seen such a big 2nd hand store… They have a section for old HI-FI that is glorious: It is full of interesting devices like these: or all these:   And there it was, a Panasonic RX-DS45 […]

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A few months ago Paul, the original owner of Stereo2go decided to close it down. I stepped ahead and decided to get it with the help of three friends. Finally the forums kept alive and we are enjoying it now. But the old platform caused a huge loss of users and we wanted to change. […]

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If you don’t know it, Stereo2go es the world’s biggest forum dedicated to walkmans and boomboxes since many years. That was thank to Paul a boombox and walkman lover that lives in the US and started it in the early 2000. I joined it back in mid 2010 and have learned a lot thanks to […]

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I’ve always wondered about this eye-catching boombox. I still remember it from the catalogs of the early 90s. I guess it was one of few models that show signs of design based on angles and straight lines and both the ‘egg’ design that become the facto-standard from late 90 and on. I specially like its […]

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I have recently acquired one of those rare beauties in the boombox history: the Panasonic RX-DT9. This beast was the top-of-the-line model in this brand’s history, the most advanced and powerful (well, behind the RX-A2 monster). It’s so advanced that it can compete with many mini-HIFIs and it probably sounds better and has a lot […]

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I received at home my old beloved boombox that I’ve had when I was a teen: the AIWA CSD-SR6. I bought this boombox back in 1991, just before I started studying in the university. I’ve had a nice Hitachi 3DS75 and I really was searching for a big -but still portable- improvement. And I found this […]

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