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If you don’t know it, Stereo2go es the world’s biggest forum dedicated to walkmans and boomboxes since many years. That was thank to Paul a boombox and walkman lover that lives in the US and started it in the early 2000. I joined it back in mid 2010 and have learned a lot thanks to […]

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I’m excited to share you a story of passion and bravery. Passion for cassettes, walkmans and music. Bravery for wanting to do something that he never did before: being a DJ but with cassettes and walkmans. That’s what my friend Lorenzo , which is now called ‘TJ Autoreverse’, (TJ as Tape Jockey) did. Considering that […]

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After some request, I decided to make a video showing my entire deck collection. So I put all them together in the same table and connected most of the to the audio chain. From left to right and up to down, here are the decks:     Pioneer CT-F1250 This deck was their top of the […]

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I’ve never heard about Revox until a few years ago -say 2012- and it looked to me as very particular machines, with a design that is very different compared to the typical japanese decks. There is one Revox that caught my attention since a friend of me had one: John Lydle, a very nice and […]

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A friend told me about this video that was shot in Barcelona and Zaragoza (Spain) where a walkman can be seen. Seems it’s a SONY WM-1 which many people believes it’s the very first one (but it’s not; it’s the TPS-L2). UPDATE: My friend has sent me a photo of the real unit used in that […]

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Thanks to my friends at WERNER Music, the most exclusive hi-end store at Barcelona, I discovered that there exist a high quality reel tape of the most famous soundtracks from John Williams, and I was completely blowed-out! These reels were encoded with Dolby B. They were kind enough to put this reel on their TEAC […]

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Well, finally after many weeks of [sporadic] work I could finish my new Guide to excellent recordings which represents the part II of my previous guide to good recordings. On this new guide I cover many new aspects, getting deeper in the techniques of recording with: quality of the cables Muting sound of all open […]

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Every cassette fan loves to record tapes. Sooner or later many of them want to do good recordings, and with a decent 3-head deck it comes the necessity to adjust the bias for a particular tape. But… what is bias and how should it be adjusted? Learn how in this video:  

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Regarding my last post on which I explained how to use an old HP48 calculator to calculate the total duration of a playlist in Spotify, I guess many readers doesn’t have such a calc. Well, this video will show you how to download and install a free HP48 emulator, so… problem solved!    

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Every time when I recorded my mixtapes I wanted to be sure that I don’t waste not a few seconds of tape. If you are about to record an entire album on a cassette, it looks that just by having a cassette that matches the total duration of the album is enough… but it isn’t. […]

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